Meet The Team

Meet the Team
It might be Kelda that rowed the Atlantic, but it involved a whole team of people to make the  Row to Raise campaign happen.
All the people below were part of the team and played a huge role in getting Row to Raise to the start line. Thank you to them all!

Here's how it happened!
Mike Burton – Mike really is the man who has made all of this possible! He’s been incredibly generous in lending Kelda Storm Petrel, along with much of the equipment needed. He is the most wonderful man and has played a key part in getting Row to Raise off the ground.

Richard Hughes and Chrisbeon – Richard Hughes and Chrisbeon office supplies chose Climbing Out as their patron charity with Shropshire Chamber of Commerce. They’ve since given both Climbing Out and Row to Raise invaluable support and have introduced us to so many contacts that have gone on to play a part in making the Row to Raise campaign a reality.

7 Video – 7 videos put together our launch video that enable us to get the word out about Row to Raise and what we hope to achieve. It was an incredibly valuable starting point.

Andy Funge is producing and supplying all the logos that will be going on Storm Petrel. Andy has also been prepared to add to the boat the poems, quotes and testimonials that are part of Row to Raise being such a special campaign. His patience and understanding have been valued and appreciated.

Westly House Farm – have provided a clean and safe environment within their caravan storage where I’ve been able to store Storm Petrel in between training rows and while we’ve been getting her ready for the Atlantic. This has been a huge help in making sure SP arrives in La Gomera in the very best of nick!

Warren Openshaw – has been kind enough to lend me a concept 2 rowing machine which has been a huge asset to my training. He’s also given me valuable training advice.

Training, learning how to row... and how to survive on the ocean!
Martin Berry – Martin has spent valuable time with Kelda teaching her about all the electrical systems in Storm Petrel... and how to repair them! He has a wealth of knowledge both about ocean rowing and electrics and is playing a key role in Kelda’s preparation.

John Shaddock and Pengwyrn Rowing Club – John Shaddock can only be described as a complete legend! He’s played a huge part in teaching Kelda how to row... and we promise you that it was no mean feat!! He has given up a huge amount of his time and shown incredible patience, understanding and good humour. He’s been a key part of the Row to Raise Team.

We must also say thank you to Pengwyrn Rowing Club who have been good enough to let Kelda use their boats and ergos... when they first saw Kelda on the water, they must have wondered just how we ever believed we could get across the Atlantic... the dog walkers were going faster than Kelda! So we thank them for their support, encouragement and sense of humour!

John Shaddock, a man with incredible patience!

Keith Rollinson and Clywedog Sailing Club – Meet legend number two! Keith Rollinson has been exceptional in his support, patience and good humour. Without him, we would have struggled to have known where to start!
Kelda rocked up at the Clywedog with no idea!
Keith has just been there... constantly. The sailing club have been there with a rib when Kelda’s needed rescuing, endless words of advice and encouragement, and they’re even getting volunteers from the club involved in getting Kelda out on the sea later this year.
We can’t put into words just how much Keith and the Club has done, without them, we’re not sure Row to Raise would even be happening!

The two legends together, Keith and John

Shropshire Adventure Rowing Club – SARC have given so much support to Kelda, and more than anything, they’ve made training FUN! Since being involved with the club Kelda’s sunk in the middle of the Irish Sea, raced past the Houses of Parliament on the river Thames, rescued drowning sheep, spent many a happy hour rowing up and down the River Severn, and found the best bunch of people with the biggest of hearts!

SARC at The Great River Race in 2017

Leven Brown – Leven is a legend of Ocean Rowing having rowed the Atlantic 7 times! Leven will be supporting Kelda throughout the row and is helping to design a specially adapted footplate to try and help support Kelda’s gammy leg!

Physical and Mental
Blatchfords – Blatchfords Group have supported Kelda with a Momentum leg brace. The brace that has been specially made to fit Kelda’s leg is an innovative custom carbon fibre Ankle Foot Orthosis designed to partially offload the foot and ankle to relieve pressure and pain following complex lower limb injury. It’s played a vital role in strengthening up Kelda’s left side and ultimately making the row achievable. The support from the Blatchfords team has been outstanding!

Trying out the new leg brace with Blatchfords Group

DMO – One of the challenges that Kelda’s faced is that due to the imbalance caused by her injured leg, she’s kept displacing her pelvis when rowing. This could potentially end her challenge if it happens on the Atlantic. DM Orthotics have supported Kelda with specially designed shorts with strategically positioned panels that work together to realign the body's position, increasing proprioceptive awareness ensuring the correct muscles are being used and strengthened. This will play a big part in helping to strengthen Kelda’s pelvis and core... hopefully helping to prevent any set back on the Atlantic. Kelda affectionately calls these shorts her “Pink Super Pants!”

School of Sport and Exercise Science, University of Lincoln – 
Biomechanic specialists from the School of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Lincoln, led by Franky Mulloy, have been helping Kelda to develop the adaptions she will need to make to the boat in order to compensate for her leg injury and ultimately make her challenge much more achievable.
The work will involve the expert use of motion capture technology at the university’s human performance centre to inform the design of a specially adapted footplate in her boat.
They are also supporting Kelda with Psych support and physiology testing to give her the best possible chance of success on the Atlantic.


Jo Jackson – Jo is going to support Kelda with medical advice both before and during her row. She has a wealth of medical knowledge and huge experience of how to help rowers stay in one piece on the ocean. Jo will be an absolute rock to Kelda throughout her challenge. Thanks for your enthusiasm and support Jo.

IT and Website
Stuart Shepherd and Adam Astle from APT Solutions – 
APT have supported Row to Raise in producing this website... but they’ve done far more than that! Most importantly, they’ve made the whole aim of the campaign achievable!
We knew we were sitting on something really special, but we had no idea how we were going to collate all the young people’s stories, all the support networks, and then share them as the row progressed.
APT have sorted it all!
Without this we’d still be sitting staring at the computer wondering how it could all be done! Thank you to Stuart and Adam for their help and support.

PR and Media
Fourth Day PRhttp://www.fourthday.co.uk/ 
Fourth Day PR have provided Kelda with invaluable PR support, and a special thank you must go out to Chloe Roberts. Chloe's hard work has led to a growing interest from both national, regional and specialist media and it's looking like the row will gain some extensive media coverage... all of which will help us to reach even more young people!
Laura Watts – Watts Where media. http://www.wattswhere.co.uk/
Carl Jones PR

Sponsorship and Marketing
Ellie Harper – Ellie is a great friend of Kelda’s and helped to produce the impressive Row to Raise partnership proposal. She produced a professional document that has shown potential corporate partners the benefits of supporting the campaign, This has proved to be a vital document in helping us to get corporate sponsors on board. (Pardon the pun!)

Being a good friend – the home support team!
Kelda couldn’t have done any of this without the support of some amazing friends. She’d like to say an extra special thank you to...
Jo Pembroke
Maria Howell
Allie McClellan
Jannine McCole


Kipper, Smurf and Hardy – The Top Team!
And the most special people of all, Kelda’s constant companions and faithful friends who’ve put up with her being tired, grumpy and carting them all over the country on various adventures!
The hardest part of the whole row for Kelda will be leaving these guys behind... the little man reckons he’d easily be able to sneak into the cabin!

The Heart of Row to Raise
All the young people involved with Climbing Out.
The young people from Climbing Out have provided Row to Raise with all the motivation they’ve needed to never doubt the value of this campaign. Their stories, and the honesty with which they’ve written them have blown us all away.
Kelda feels honoured and privileged to be rowing for each and every one of these incredibly special young people.

Without the backing of some amazing corporate sponsors to help raise the money to get Row to Raise to the start line, it wouldn’t be possible for ANY of the campaign to happen!
A very grateful shout out must go to the companies below who have provided either financial backing for Row to Raise or goods/services in kind:

CML Fulfilment and Logistics
Tim Middleham
Nick Jones Wealth Planning
Strength Through Adversity
Momentum Wines 
Henshalls Insurance
Pain Solutions
Wenslydale Creamery 
Marches Care
John Wagner

Sponsorship with products or services

APT Solutions

Chrisbeon Office Supplies

Clywedog Sailing Club

Fourthday PR




Mr Flynn Creative 

Lincoln University

Andy Funge

Westly House Caravan Storage

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